As I learn more about Italian food and culture,  I will be keeping a food journal.  Let me warn you already, the meals I eat are not very exciting.   However, as this class progresses hopefully this changes!

This is the first week of the semester, so I can still enjoy the taste of home.  My mom made chili right before I left and sent some to school with me!

Monday January 10, 2011

Breakfast:  Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Lunch: Granola Bar and Apple

Dinner:  Sloppy Joe and Hashbrown Casserole

Tuesday January 11, 2011

Breakfast: Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Lunch: Granola Bar and Apple

Dinner:  Chili and Peanut Butter Sandwich

Wednesday January 12, 2011

Breakfast: Wheaties

Lunch:  Granola Bar and Apple

Dinner:  Chili and Peanut Butter Sandwich

Thursday January 13, 2011

Breakfast:  Wheaties

Lunch:  Granola Bar and 2 Apples

Dinner:  Chili and Peanut Butter Sandwich

Friday January 14, 2011

Breakfast:  Wheaties

Lunch:  Granola Bar and Apple

Dinner:  Chili and Peanut Butter Sandwich 

Saturday January 15, 2011

Breakfast:  Frosted Mini Wheats

Lunch:  Turkey Sandwich and chips

Dinner:  Soup

Sunday January 16, 2011

Breakfast:  Wheaties

Dinner:  Chicken Patti with Tomato Sauce and Parmesan Cheese, rice, and  salad

Weekly Cravings

Tacos and Reese’s Peanut butter cups

I am going to change the format of these posts.  For now on I will be posting in a paragraph style what I have eaten throughout the week, along with my cravings on every Thursday evening.

Monday – Thursday January 17 – 20, 2011

I started this week off on the right foot by making Bolognese with Emily.  The recipe we used is posted under the links on my blog.  This recipe made a very large serving.  I have eaten spaghetti noodles and Bolognese every evening for dinner this week.  It has been a nice treat!  I still have a lot left, which I am going to serve to my boyfriend when he comes this weekend.  The rest will be sent to my freezer for another time to come.  My breakfast this week has consisted of cereal or oatmeal.  In addition, my lunch has been a granola bar and apple.  I really do not get a lunch time between classes, and when I get time it is usually not very long.  These take-along snacks hold me over until I can go home for dinner.  I am not for sure why I have been craving cake all week, but it has popped into my mind several times.  I could also go for potato salad.  We will see what next week brings. 

Friday – Thursday January 21-27

This past weekend was a basketball filled weekend.  The ESPN Gameday cast and crew were at Purdue for the Purdue and Michigan State game.  It is ironic how this sporting atmosphere also depicted my food choices throughout the weekend.  Friday dinner and Saturday lunch were both pizza meals.  Saturday dinner was a sub sandwich from Potbelly’s. It is a tradition when my boyfriend and friends visit to go to the XXX diner here on campus.  XXX is “Indiana’s First Drive-In Restaurant.”  There is a lot of history found in the bar stools circled around the diner’s old fashion layout.  If you have not ever been to XXX, I recommend a visit. 🙂 It is a Purdue tradition!  The point is that all of us got up for XXX breakfast on Sunday morning, but there was a long wait.  We ended up going to the Route 66 Diner near Walmart on 52.  It turns out that this restaurant is a sister restaurant of XXX.  They had all of the same food, just not the same atmosphere.  I had the thick french toast drizzled with syrup for breakfast.  It was delicious!

The weekend was the highlight of my week because I have been sick since Monday.  Since I have not been feeling great with my cold and cough, I have been eating soup for dinner all week.  My breakfast and lunch have been the same Wheaties and an apple with a granola bar.  However, this evening (Thursday) I have a meeting where pizza is provided – and it is free.  How nice is that?!  As a college student, you are bribed a lot with free pizza.  Usually I am not so excited, but tonight I am.

Being sick always makes me wish that I was home, and then my mom could cook for me.  She would probably just give me soup too, but it would be different because she made it.  I guess it is just a sentimental feeling that is attached to my mom’s food.  Throughout the week I had been craving food from home.  I got lucky yesterday when my mom sent me a package – with food!  She sent me her desirable homemade granola bars.  I will admit they made my day and satisfied my craving!

Friday – Thursday (January 28 – February 3)

It seems like it has been a looooong time since I have written in my food journal, but it has only been a week.  I guess it has just felt like a long week.  My week has been pretty basic, of course.  However, Saturday I did make something out of the ordinary. I made chocolate chip pancakes in the morning.  They satisfied my craving for something sweet and filling.  My roommates also like them too :). Saturday’s lunch/dinner was held at Potbelly’s after the basketball game.  The game was over at 3:30, which is such an odd time.

I did try a new recipe on Sunday.  My mom found the recipe for this macaroni and cheese dish on the back of a noodle box.  I thought making it would give me left-overs for the week, and it sounded good; I was right.  The macaroni and cheese is still in the refrigerator, and there is still some for tomorrow.  I prepared the macaroni and cheese with fish sticks. 

A snow storm moved into the area, cancelling classes for Tuesday and Wednesday.  I ended up eating a lean cuisine dinner on Monday night because I wanted to have something prepared in case the electricity went out during the storm.  The electricity did not go out during the storm, so we were lucky.

On Tuesday, one of the snow days, my roommate made a pan of brownies.  They were delicious!  I actually had one just now as a small dessert.  It was a great treat.  It seems like I am always craving something chocolate.  Who does not love chocolate?

Friday – Thursday February 4-10

Friday evening I finished the end of my homemade macaroni and cheese with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I know that does not sound like the best combination, but it worked.  It was the end of the week, and I needed to make a trip to the grocery store.  Actually, I had not had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in long time.  I used to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich daily for lunch when I was in high school. Every Day!  The fried and not very appetizing cafeteria food never settled well with my stomach.  This was especially bad when I had to go and run more than 6 miles at cross country or track practice after school.  I found what worked for my situation and I stuck with it, like I always do.    

I found myself bored during the early evening of Saturday.  I decided to go ahead and make a few things for the upcoming week.  I made a cheesy tuna melt casserole, Hamburger Helper style, and a ranch dressing pasta salad.  My mom makes the ranch dressing pasta salad at home.  It is always a filling treat, which can supplement any dinner.  The cheesy tuna melt casserole was slightly missing something, so I added vegetables each evening.  These two dishes still remain in my refrigerator, so they will again be dinner for this evening.

I had my first exam of the semester this past week on Tuesday night.  On exam nights I always eat on campus because I am busy studying.  My dinner on these evenings usually consist of a jimmy johns sandwich.  In addition, an hour before my exam I have a nutty buddy candy bar.  My boyfriend introduced me to this trick when I was in high school, and I have been doing it ever since.  The nutty buddy candy bar is always a treat, because I rarely eat junk food, and it gives me energy for my exam.

Next Monday is Valentines’ Day.  My boyfriend is coming up to visit this weekend.  I cannot wait until Saturday evening when we get to go out to dinner.  For this type of occasion we usually go to Olive Garden.  I saw a commercial advertised for a new cheesy ravioli, which looked delicious.  I will let you know what I indulge in next week :).  I am really looking forward to the visit and the dinner!

Friday –Thursday February 11 – 17

I spent most of Friday evening at the PSEF (Purdue’s Student Engineering Foundation) Retreat, one of the organizations I am involved with.  Every semester we have a retreat to meet the new members and to mingle with the old members.  It is always a good time.  At the retreat, there is never a shortage of food.  This time we had pizza, subway, all kinds of chips, and different cookie choices. 

Saturday morning I made my boyfriend French toast.  He likes to put powdered sugar and syrup on his French toast.  I actually put nutella and syrup on mine this time.  It was actually a nice, sweet combination.  Our lunch consisted of milk chocolate candies, a huge popcorn, and a large soda at the movies.  We had decided to only get a small popcorn and a large drink to share, but then the concession worker said, “Well, the large popcorn and large drink is the better deal.”  We did not eat all the popcorn, thank goodness.  After the movie, we went stratight to Olive Garden.  I mentioned the ravioli in the prior posting, but I stuck with the seafood alfredo because it looked like I would get more food with the seafood alfredo choice.  We both enjoyed our meals.  This was actually where our discussion about traveling to Italy arose.  We have decided to put this on our bucket lists.  Homemade chocolate chip pancakes were on the menu for Sunday’s breakfast.  They were delicious, if I might say so myself. 

After the weekend, my week returned to normal.  In the mornings I had Wheaties.  For lunch I had a granola bar and an apple.  My dinners have consisted of different types of soups and a few microwave meals.   However, my mom did send me Valentine’s Day cookies, which were a nice surprise!  I have actually decided to go home this weekend because it is my brother’s last basketball game ever played at my high school.  I am excited to go home to see my family, but also to eat some of my mom’s food!  Hopefully, my posting next week will be a little more exciting!

Friday-Thursday February 18-24

What have I eaten this week?  This has been a very long week.  It is hard to think about what I even did last Friday.  Oh yeah, I went home on last Friday!  It was my brother’s basketball senior night.  I got to the game in time to see him recognized and watch him play the last game ever in our high school gym.  It is crazy to think about how time flies! 

My Friday started out normal with wheaties for breakfast and an apple and granola bar for lunch, but it ended at home where my mom made me a turkey sandwich.  Yes, a turkey sandwich.  We got home from the game late on Friday night.  I did not want a lot to eat.  Even though she just made me a turkey sandwich, it was delicious.  Having my mom make it changes everything!  My brother had some friends come over on Saturday evening.  I helped my mom make the little sausages in the crock pot that I have mentioned before.  Our house was filled with a satisfying aroma to greet his friends.  In addition to the little sausages, my mom made a taco bake.  This is a casserole with salsa, ground beef, cheese, and tortilla.  She made three batches!  My brother’s friends ate about 1 ½ batches.  Some of it was sent back to school with me, and the rest was given to my grandparents who my mom cooks for frequently.  I showed my mom the recipe for the Ri cette di carnevale, which we talked about in class.  It seemed comparable to the funnel cake here in the US.  We felt adventurous on Saturday evening.  However, it did not turn out the way I expected.  I do not think we let them cook long enough in the peanut oil.  We will have to try again.  Any advice?  I departed Sunday morning with chocolate chip pancakes in the morning!

Like I said, my mom sent some of the taco bake back to school with me, so I ate that for dinner a few nights.  She also sent a box of Girl Scout Cookies too.  Girl Scout Cookies are a big thing here in the US.  Girl Scouts is an organization for young girls to join.  They belong to a troop and participate in various events like cooking, crafts, and volunteering to earn patches for their accomplishments.  Their biggest fundraiser is selling the Girl Scout Cookies during this time of the year.  You should try them!  My book is already gone.

The rest of my week has been extremely busy because I had two exams on Thursday piled on top of homework assignments.  After my taco bake was gone, I ended up eating soup every evening. It is something quick and easy.  I did go to the store this evening because we are supposed to get more snow.  I hope not!

Friday-Thursday February 25 – March 3

This past weekend was spent catching up on homework.  I did not ambitiously try to cook anything special over the weekend.  The extent of my cooking involved thawing turtle soup from my freezer.  My mom sent the soup up with me at the beginning of the year, but there was not a better time to eat it.  You might be thinking, turtle soup?  I do not know the recipe off the top of my head, all I know is that my family typically makes it in the late fall and/or early spring.  The soup consists of turtle meat, vegetables, and seasoning.  I can remember making this traditional soup with the family on my mom’s side and on my dad’s side.  This usually took place at someone’s house on the weekend.  All of us would gather outside, enjoying the weather, and take turns stirring the huge kettle of slow cooking turtle soup.  The day would end with everyone having a bowl and sharing the quantity of filled freezer bags.  The turtle soup consisted of my dinner until Tuesday, and then I ran out of soup. 😦

The next dish I made for the rest of the week was a batch of chicken salad.  I can remember the first time as a kid when I had chicken salad.  This event occurred at my Great Aunt Geneva’s home in Flint, Michigan.  I cannot say that mine is as good as hers, but it worked for part of the week.  I just use shredded chicken breast mixed with miracle whip as the base of the chicken salad.  My chicken salad was placed between whole wheat bread and topped with American cheese, bread and butter pickles, and spinach leaves.  My chicken salad sandwiches were accompanied with broccoli and macaroni and cheese.  Actually right now, I am getting ready to go to my Thursday night dinner.  They are providing pizza at the meeting I am attending!  Celebrating Thursday with pizza sounds good!

Only one more week until Spring Break!

Friday – Thursday March 4-10

This week was the busiest week of the semester for me.  I had two exams and a lot of events outside of school.  There was no down time throughout the week.  I am glad that next week is Spring Break.  I need a week to recuperate, but I have homework to keep me busy!  At least I cannot get any more homework during Spring Break.  That is enough about that – let’s talk about food!

Since my week was very busy there was not a lot of variety in my diet.  I made a batch of homemade macaroni and cheese over the weekend, which lasted me the entire week.  The main courses I chose for dinner included different soups and chicken patties.  Both of these options were quick.

I helped out at Road School on Tuesday and Wednesday during my breaks between classes.  Road School is an annual event hosted by Purdue where civil engineers come to campus for a variety of conferences.  While at the conferences I found myself tired, so I made a cup of coffee.  I am not a big coffee drinker because I normally do not consume caffeine.  However, this coffee satisfied my need.  I chose the hazelnut creamer and it was good!

Tuesday night I met some of my coworkers from the past two summers for dinner because they were in attendance for Road School.  We gathered at Scotty’s.  It was a very enjoyable and relaxing dinner.  It was nice to catch up with all of them and consume a good meal.  I chose the Caesar Wrap.  I have had this dish before, but this time it was rather spicy.  However, it was still something different for a change.

This Wednesday was the start of Lent, so I will be eating a lot more fish.  I like fish.  If I eat a lot of fried fish, it sometimes upsets my stomach.  I will have to explore all my options because this is the first year that I will be preparing my own fish meals.  I see tuna salad in my future!

Thank goodness it is Spring Break!!

Friday – Thursday March 11-17

Friday was the first day of Spring Break!  After having a long week at school I hit the road Friday morning for Huntsville, Alabama, which is a seven hour drive.  My exhaustion caught up with me a little over an hour down the road.  I knew that I was not going to in the condition to drive.  After talking to my parents they agreed that it was best for me to stop and get some rest.  My first night of Spring Break was spent all alone in a hotel  L.  For dinner, I walked across the parking lot to Cracker Barrel and order the grilled catfish meal with carrots and hashbrown casserole to-go.  My dad has always been a huge fan of Cracker Barrel, but this encounter was not very delightful.  The catfish was rather spicy for my taste and my hashbrown casserole was burnt!  The meal just put the icing on my day – not pleasing.

I hit the road again early on Saturday morning and had much more successful results.  I arrived in Huntsville around 12:30 in the afternoon.  My boyfriend and I went to lunch at Rosie’s which can be described as a Mexican cantina.  Both of us had the enchiladas and rice.  I am not a fan of spicy foods but my enchiladas had just the right about of hotness.  This was a much better experience!  After showing me around town, we went to the grocery store to buy ingredients for dinner.  The two of us ended up making meatballs, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli for dinner.  I was pleasantly surprised with the meatballs.  We did not have a lot of time to make them from scratch, so we purchased the frozen ones from the store.  I made a sauce for the meatballs out of chili sauce and grape jelly.  After melting the jelly with the chili sauce, we added the meatballs to let them cook for a while over the stove.  My boyfriend was even impressed with the sweet taste!  We did well for our first meal of Spring Break!

Sunday evening’s dinner was again the leftover meatballs, macaroni and cheese, and broccoli.  We took the easy way out on Monday night by just cooking a pizza.  Tuesday night was my last night in Huntsville.  During the day I saw a commercial for a fast food restaurant, and suddenly I had the craving for hamburgers.  I had a hard time making the hamburgers because they kept falling apart in the pan.  After getting fed up, I just pulled the meat apart and made more of a sloppy joe style dish with barbeque.

Wednesday evening’s dinner was shared with my Grandma and Grandpa Hessig and my mom back at home. Mom and I had stopped into visit them when grandma asked if we wanted to get a pizza together. Although I had pizza on Monday night, I was not going to turn down the offer for Homestead Pizza.  It is a local pizza restaurant, which is my all-time favorite. My brother had an awards banquet at school on Thursday night.  All of us ate a bowl of mom’s chili when we got home.  The night ended enjoying the homemade chili and helping my brother with a few calculus questions. 

It is nice to be home!

Friday – Thursday March 18-24

Friday –Sunday were still fun filled days of Spring Break.  On Friday, my mom made fish and macaroni and cheese for dinner.  Purdue was also playing in the NCAA tournament on Friday night.  My family and I watched the game while snacking on tortilla chips and cheese dip.  This was the first time that we made the cheese dip homemade.  We used the recipe off the rotel salsa.  We combined the mild salsa with Velveeta cheese.  It was a little spicy for my liking, but that is because I am a wimp when it comes to hotness.  Saturday evening, I helped my mom make two big batches of baked spaghetti.  I did not mind helping make the extra because she said that she was going to send some back to school with me!!  The baked spaghetti is an easy dish to make and it lasts awhile.  I was shipped back to school Sunday morning with a stomach full of scrambled eggs and chocolate chip pancakes.

This is the first week back from school after Spring Break, and my daily meals have definitely changed back to the normal school routine.  Sunday – Tuesday evening I had the baked spaghetti for dinner.  Then there came the time when the baked spaghetti came to an end.  I had soup for the remaining weekly dinners on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.  However, I did have lunch in the dining court on Thursday.  I had a prospective civil engineering student shadow me for the day.  I got to take her out, courtesy of Purdue!  It was nice to be in the dining courts again after a year.  I had a salad accompanied with chicken strips and green beans.  It was a nice change from my regular apple and granola bar.  In addition, I indulged in Girl Scout peanut butter cookies on Thursday evening.  It has been a long week, and I needed a treat.

My mom and brother are planning on coming to Purdue on Friday.  My brother is a high school senior, and he has decided to further his education at Purdue next year!  I am looking forward to them visiting because they hardly even make it up here.  Also, I am looking forward to going out to dinner with them on Friday evening.  I wonder where we might go?…

Friday – Thursday 25-31

My mom and brother came up to Purdue for this past weekend.  I was looking very forward to their visit to be able to spend time with them and go out to dinner with them.  We went to Olive Garden on Friday night.  I could not order any dish with meat because it was Friday.  However, this was not a setback because I was planning on ordering my usual, the seafood alfredo.  I greatly enjoyed this meal.  I do not know what it is about Olive Garden’s salads, but I love it.  I can certainly say that I ate too much.  I was already coming down with something, and the stomach ache did not help the matters.  My mom and I went back after dinner to watch television and fall asleep.  We had breakfast at the Union catering service, since I stayed at the hotel with them. We chose the typical buffet.  I had a bagel, yogurt, and fruit.  For lunch we went to the famous XXX on campus.  This was my brother’s first time eating at XXX.  Also this was my first time having a hamburger at XXX.  I usually just get the pancake meal.  The hamburger was delicious!  I cannot remember which specific hamburger I had, but it was the one with bacon and other toppings – it was good!  My brother even commented, “That was a good lunch!”

After my mom and brother left campus on Saturday afternoon, my eating habits resulted back to normal.  On Sunday evening, I made a tuna tetrazzini.  I have been eating the tuna tetrazzini for dinner every night since.  A few of the nights I had it with broccoli and then on the other nights I had it with spinach.  I have been eating the same thing every night for dinner, but the tuna tetrazzini is good, so it is ok.  🙂

I have been indulging in Reese’s Easter Eggs for dessert – they are my favorite.  My mom bought me a bag of the minis. 🙂

Friday –Thursday April 1-7

Last Friday evening was a fun evening.  My roommates and I had a Girls Night.  We ordered pizza from Papa John’s and watched a movie.  It is funny how it came about because I was having a craving for pizza during the afternoon.  When I asked the others they definitely agreed on a pizza because they were thinking the same thing :).  We relaxed and watched the movie.  The night did not end without Insomnia Cookies.  Insomnia Cookies is a shop of campus that delivers freshly made cookies to your doorstep.  Who ever thought of this was a genius! They were still warm when they arrived to our apartment.  We ordered an assortment.  It was a tough decision for me, but I chose the peanut butter one.  This night was a very relaxing and taste pleasing evening.

This week was a very busy week for me. I had three exams.  My weekend was spent preparing for all the exams and finishing up miscellaneous homework.  When I was grocery shopping on Saturday I decided to purchase a frozen lasagna.  Making this frozen lasagna would allow me to have dinner already prepared in the evening.  I still have another helping of lasagna for tomorrow!  Throughout the week, I accompanied the lasagna with spinach and Italian dressing or broccoli.  I had two exams, a half an hour apart, on Thursday evening so I ordered Jimmy Johns to stay on campus.  Like I have mentioned before, it is my exam tradition.

This week I also tried something new.  Every day I eat a Nature Valley granola bar with an apple for lunch. I usually buy the variety pack of granola bars.  However, I tried a new assortment, the dark chocolate ones.  They are my new favorites!  I am glad that I found these because I needed something to indulge in due to the fact that my Reese’s eggs are now gone.

Friday – Thursday April 8-14

Last Friday I ended up eating a can of soup for dinner.  I was on campus Saturday afternoon for a group meeting.  Spring Fest was also on Saturday, so there were a lot of booths set up for the visitors.  After the meeting, I decided to go and walk around to see what all of the excitement was about.  That is when I saw someone with a walking taco.  A walking taco is a bag of Fritos opened at the top and filled with basic taco toppings, such as meat, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, sour cream, and salsa.  After seeing the walking taco I had to have one!  They used to have the walking tacos at my church’s fall festival.  They were always a hit, and they were my favorite.  I went searching for the walking taco booth.  I even stopped in at the information tent to see if they could point me in the right direction.  After walking around seeing more and more people with walking tacos, I knew that I was getting closer.  I ended up finding the walking taco booth and delightfully enjoyed my long lost love.  It was the highlight to my Saturday afternoon! 🙂

Saturday evening I made a pan of sloppy joes because I knew that it would be great leftovers for throughout the week.  The sloppy joes were my dinner entrees during the week along with spinach and a touch of Italian dressing.  I ate the last serving of sloppy joes last night, so I am going to have to find something for this evening.  I honestly think that I am going to go to McDonald’s for a quick bite to eat.  I have a meeting a 6 so it would save me a trip going home, and I am starving.  I do not remember the last time I was even at McDonald’s.  It has been a long time.  I can get a McChicken and a yogurt parfait off the dollar menu, so it will be an inexpensive night out :).

Friday – Thursday April 15-21

I made a batch of tuna last Friday evening.  I like to add pickle to my tuna.  I think that it gives it more a kick.  I did not have tuna on Saturday for lunch because I was at the mall.  After a long few weeks, and even more ahead of me, I thought I needed to do something fun.  I spent my Saturday afternoon at the mall.  I had planned on being home by late afternoon, but the mall took longer than I had planned.  So, I ended up getting a turkey, bacon, ranch sandwich at Subway.  I think I created a new sandwich because the usual sandwich is chicken, bacon, ranch as I found out while ordering.  However, the turkey, bacon, ranch was a good choice.  I will most likely order the combination again sometime soon.  For dinner on Saturday I had a tuna sandwich with spinach.

On Sunday morning, I made a box of hamburger helper for the week.  It was the cheesy tuna flavor.  The reason why I made my weekly dish in the morning was because I had two banquets back to back in the afternoon and the evening.  However, I was fed at the last banquet.  The first banquet was an initiation ceremony for the civil engineering honor society and the other banquet was for PSEF, a club I am in.  The PSEF banquet was a sit down dinner held at the Union.  The Union always does a great job with catering.  For dinner I had chicken, carrots, and mashed potatoes.  The best part was the open desert bar.  You could make your own ice cream Sunday with all kinds of toppings.  I pigged out with a scope of ice cream, a brownie, and a cookie.  Who can choose one dessert with all of those delicious options? 

I have had helpings of my cheesy tuna hamburger helper every evening this week expect for Tuesday evening.  On Tuesday evening I attended a civil engineering alumni event held in Indianapolis, as a student representative.  Appetizers were served at this event.  I had a couple of servings of appetizers because I was starving.  I had mini sandwiches with tomato, cheese, and basil.  A cheese dip with basil and sun dried tomatoes.  This was a different kind of dip than I am used to, but it tasted good with the crackers provided.  To complete my appetizer dinner I had cooked asparagus.

I am actually going home this weekend to visit my family for Easter.  I am excited to get a break from campus, but I might pay for it next week.  Next week is supposed to be dead week because finals are the following week after next, but my dead week is far from dead.  I have a lot of assignments, presentations, and projects going on.  Going home for Easter will be fun.  In addition, I am looking forward to my mom and grandma’s food!