These are morel mushrooms.  Coming from Southern Indiana, I always heard of people going “mushroom hunting”, but I never knew exactly what that meant.  This all changed when I met my boyfriend.  It is a tradition in his family to go “mushroom hunting”.  The tradition is to go into the woods in mid April, the timing depends greatly on the weather, and search for morel mushrooms.  Morel mushrooms can be typically found near poplar trees.  The number of mushrooms you might find also varies depending on the place and the timing.  For instance, when he and his family went last weekend, they found a great spot.  They found nearly a hundred morel mushrooms.  However, they always keep their hunting spot a secret because they do not want others to find their mushrooms!   Once the mushrooms are brought home from the woods they are cut in half while also removing the stem.  One way to clean them is by soaking them in salt water.  They are then dipped in flour and fried in bacon grease.   I would compare the taste of a morel mushroom to a French fry.  This is one of Southern Indiana’s delicacies, which I was introduced to a few years ago.