The other weekend I spent my Saturday afternoon reading Pinocchio.  I remember watching the Disney Pinocchio as a child, but I do not remember it very well.  So it was hard for me when I was reading the Italian Pinocchio story to find the differences between the Italian story and the Disney story.  I do know that in the book there was only a talking cricket, there was no Jiminy Cricket.  Also I do remember the Disney movie ending inside a shark, so I guess that was another similarity between the Disney movie and the Italian story.  I can say that I felt like the Italian story had more Pinocchio adventures than the Disney movie.  I guess the Italian Pinocchio was more mischievous that the Disney Pinocchio…just kidding ;).   Despite the differences, the moral of the story is a very good one for children.  “Pinocchio gains wisdom through a series of misadventures which lead him to becoming a real human as reward for his good deeds.”


Italian Pinocchio                                                              Disney Pinocchio

When my brother was little he used to like to tell “stories” also known as fibs or lies.  My mom shared the story of Pinocchio with him through the Disney movie.  I think the movie got through to my brother because he was seriously concerned about his nose growing.  It was a good lesson for him.  It is a tradition in our household to get an ornament every year for the Christmas tree.  The yearly ornament usually showcases a special event from that year.  For the year of the fibbing my brother got a Pinocchio ornament, and it hangs on our tree each Christmas to remind my brother to tell the truth!