During the last few weeks we have watched two movies, “Big Night” and “Dinner Rush”.  Both of them brought up the topic of traditional Italian food and Italian American food.  Out of the two movies, I was a bigger fan of “Big Night” because the film was focused more on the art of the food.  Throughout the movie they showed intricate details of the food.  In “Dinner Rush” there was still a focus on the food, but there was more of a focus on Italian American mafia.  “Dinner Rush” was still very entertaining and ended with a twist!  In the end, “Big Night” was very picturesque…I love that word…it is my new favorite ;).  From both of the storylines I could see where the dilemmas arose.  Both of the movies had a character who wanted to keep the traditional Italian meals in the restaurant while another character wanted to Americanize the traditional dishes to please the American guests.  If traditional dishes are Americanized, I am not against the action, but the restaurant should not be able to label their food as “Italian” food it should be called “Italian American” food.  Olive garden is a great example of this.  This topic is something that I admire about the Italian culture.  It is mandatory that guests are told what they are getting.  It is a strict guideline, and I think it should be.