What is my favorite kitchen tool?  It would have to be the spatula.  Now, there are two types of spatulas.  There is the one that you flip your pancakes with and then there is the one that you use to scrap the contents in a bowl.  I am referring to the spatula that is used to scrap the bowl.  See the photo below.  I have fond memories as a child using the spatula to scrap all of the remaining brownie batter out of the glass bowl in order to transfer it to my mouth!  My mom is also a fan of the spatula.  She thinks that you cannot leave any contents in a bowl.  You have to scrap that puppy clean before it will meet her approval.  According to her, I still do not know how to get everything out of the bowl.  We have approximately 5 spatulas at our house because they are always being used.   Here is to the spatula – my favorite kitchen tool.  What would my life be like without it??