All food is worthy to celebrate!  Within this blog posting I will write about a few traditional foods used at my personal celebrations and about my favorite foods…the ones I love to celebrate.

 At the beginning of this class I blogged about Karen Cakes.  These cakes are the first item of food that comes to my mind when I think about food to celebrate.  Growing up, these cakes were ordered for birthdays, times requiring celebration.  Also these cakes should be celebrated in themselves.  Karen Cakes were always very original and tasteful.  Every cake was moist and delicious, no matter the flavoring.  At Christmas, my family always celebrates the holiday by baking homemade cookies.  When we were younger it was a more serious situation because choosing my cookie cutter was a hard decision for me to make. 🙂  We celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday with my grandma’s traditional barbequed turkey.  My Aunt Paula’s deviled eggs are required for the family’s Easter celebration.  In addition, summer gatherings are celebrated with my grandpa’s fish frys.   These are a few traditional foods featured at my family’s celebrations.

 What foods do I like to celebrate?  Anytime that I have ice cream, it is a time for celebration.  I have always been a huge fan of ice cream.  I cannot wait to go home and take an afternoon drive with my family to the Dairy Barn, which is in Birdseye, IN.  Birdseye is a very small town known for its ice cream.  My favorite at the Dairy Barn is the soft serve chocolate swirl ice cream.   


 Any type of desert also fits my criteria for celebration.  I do not eat sweets regularly, but I do have a sweet tooth.  My grandma makes what she calls a Robert Redford Cake.  It is chocolate pudding and cool whip layered delight.  It is a nice, cool summer treat.  When I was younger I did not understand why it was called a Robert Redford Cake.  I guess there was a generation gap :).  I know that he was a heartthrob back in the day.  I can say that I am a fan of him if he is anything like this cake!  Delicious!

 These are the foods I use while celebrating and the ones I like to celebrate.