It is necessary to consume food to survive.  However, most people are not educated about food.  They are not familiar with food awareness.  Personally, I try to watch what I eat in order to have a well balanced diet, but I would not say that I am highly educated about food.  Food awareness can be looked at from two different viewpoints.  For instance, people need to be educated about nutritional value of foods and aware of the production process.  These are going to be the two main focuses of my posting.

 Some people live on strict nutritional diets because of health conditions and/or doctor recommendations.  In order to watch what they eat, they need to be educated about the nutritional value of foods.  My uncle recently had a liver transplant earlier this year.  Prior to his transplant and after the operation he was on a very strict diet.  My whole family learned a lot about food.  At first it was hard for him and his wife to maintain the doctor recommendations because they were used to eating whatever they were craving.   My uncle is a very good cook.  He is the king of the grill.  All of his usual dishes were not exactly healthy.  Let’s just say that he learned to like fruits and vegetables, and even salads.  Currently he is doing very well.  He watches what he eats, and hopefully this will continue into the future.  Eating healthy was a catalyst to his life changing miracle.

 Another aspect of food awareness is food preparation.  It is the American way of life to eat out.  I am not a huge fan of eating out because you have no knowledge about the food preparation process.  I like to see the food that I consume prepared in front of me.  In a broader spectrum, most people are not aware how food makes it to the grocery store shelves.  This can be a daunting thought because everyone trusts that the manufactures took the necessary precautions in the food preparation.  Most of the time the food you buy at the grocery store is safe and there are no problems with consumption.  However, every once in awhile people will get sick from certain grocery store products and there will be a recall on the product.

 Overall, I have learned to trust the food manufactures because they are ordered to follow certain standards.  I cannot control everything!   At the same time, I still do not like to eat out frequently because I like to prepare my food first hand in order to ensure that it is done right.  Once I get out of school and have an income, I would like to visit more organic stores and farmer markets to purchase fresh foods.  I think this action will have a positive impact on my health.